America Is in Trouble. It’s Time to Regain Our Vital Optimism | Guest: Gen. Bob Dees | Ep 140


Today, the word resilience is often used in terms of the environment or conserving nature. Like everything else, it appears this word has been co-opted by the Left. While much of America is distracted, there are dark storm clouds on America’s national horizon internationally, domestically, economically, and culturally. Retired Major General Robert “Bob” Dees is in the Economic War Room to share his vision for a national movement to restore true resilience to every area of American life. His resilience trilogy is about building resilient warriors, resilient leaders, and resilient nations. It is not too late; we can regain our optimism as a nation. General Dees shares the lessons he learned from the battlefield and how we can be ready for the storms in lif




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