Blockchain and Bitcoin: The Future of Money | Guest: Patrick Byrne | Ep 141


Patrick Byrne joins the Economic War Room to bring America up to speed on the potential of bitcoin and more specifically the future of blockchain technologies. While cryptocurrency values have been volatile, he sees bitcoin like a digital gold without the storage cost to maintain it. Also, as an early adopter, Patrick shares the great potential ahead he sees for blockchain technologies! Decentralized blockchain databases provide an irreversible timeline of data. It has the potential to reform Wall Street, create global wealth, and even shift the power away from Google and back to the user and how your information is sold. Learn more about some of the companies Patrick has invested in and the future ahead.




BitCoin or other crypto currency is ideal for use in “higher level” circulation, i.e. stock market investments or any secondary market investments. Crypto currency is not suitable for use in “simple” circulation, i.e wages, supplies and materials financing, savings and taxes. Cypto currencies are all essentially generated based on “Quantity of Money Theory”. The value of crypto currency varies with demand. Crypto currency is not suitable for use as savings. Bank note currency based on the “gold standard” issued by state chartered banks against the value of 90-day discounted Bills of Exchange (Real Bills) is a currency that is stable. RBD currency is a reification of “work” performed. With states again able to generate a “gold standard” currency by charter of banks, a “Bills Market” will again spontaneously spring up again to allow manufacturing and retail businesses to judge their inventory levels and inventory mix. Block chain technology applied in the creation of RBD currency will prevent rogue acts by banks that have occurred in the past. RBD currency is ideal for savings and investment in “gold” bonds to establish a market rate of interest. To change the present FED central bank system, all Congress needs to do is to strip the Federal Reserve Note of its “legal tender” protection. The FRN sans taxpayer support will then have to compete with all other currencies on the FX markets.


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