The Marxist Deception About Our Founding Fathers and America | Guests: David and Tim Barton | Ep 152


America is facing a cultural and economic battle for the soul of our nation, and it is time we all understand the real truth and intent of America’s Founders. David and Tim Barton of Wallbuilders share America’s forgotten history and heroes and the constitutional foundation on which America was built. They review the Founders’ actual notes and revisions in original documents and prove the falsehood of the 1619 Project. It is a Marxist tool to rewrite history, create deception around America’s Founding Fathers, and push an anti-American agenda. It is time for Americans to stand together and reject the Marxist Trojan horse being used to change America’s government, our education, and our economy.

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The 20 black people who landed at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619 were enslaved by the Spanish and were on their way to work in the Spanish silver mines in Mexico when they were captured by two English man-of-war ships. The slaves were actually emancipated and became indentured servants like many of the other white colonists. Indentured servants contracted with another person to work for them for a specified term, usually from two to seven years. After that time they became “free” and had equal rights with the other colonists. The Accomac County Courthouse in Virginia contains many records showing the names and dates of the satisfied indentures of these people. Some intermarried with free white people at the time as well. A month before the black people landed at Jamestown in August 1617 the first representative legislature in North America was convened in which each plantation elected two delegates, or burgesses, by popular suffrage. This General Assembly is still meeting at this time. Their new Charter also ended communism and awarded each colonist with private property rights and land grants. The Virginia colonists had suffered for several years under martial law and communism where everyone had to work but eat out of the doled out rations…communism. How ironic that Marxist-communism has reared its ugly head 400 years later. We pray to God that He will see fit to rescue our people as He has done with our forefathers in ages past.

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