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Currency trading, also known as “forex”, is actually the largest financial market in the world with over 3 TRILLION dollars per day changing hands. Most people are quite aware of stock and bond trading but have never heard of currency trading. But, by taking the same investment that you might make in the stock market, the profit potential in currency trading is much greater. Can you even imagine making 200% to 400% per year on your stock portfolio? Well, that (and more) is not only possible, but very likely if you can master solid money management and strategy skills in the currency market.

Mindy Yost has been trading (profitably) in the currency exchange (forex) market for over 20 years - utilizing a trading strategy that she developed that is based on a mathematical calculation that reliably identifies when a price is trading higher or lower than it should be trading. This allows for trades that have an incredibly high probability of closing for a profit in a relatively short period of time. This entry strategy, combined with her proprietary hedging and trade management strategies allow her to trade in the forex market and NEVER take a loss on a trade! Yes - that is almost impossible to believe when most (90%) of people who attempt to trade forex will lose all of their funds within a year or less. Mindy has been teaching currency trading for over 15 years now and has taught over 700 people her strategies and skills.

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