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Recorded in the 1970’s on home equipment and later discovered in the 21st century by a relative, German born folk singer Sibylle Baier’s album Colour Green is a collection that holds some of the most sincere songs one can find from the era.

Intimacy is the prevailing sensation in the album, with almost exclusively stripped down instrumentation including untreated guitar and vocals (not including the album’s closer, Give Me a Smile which features a full orchestra).  

An obvious introvert, Baier’s first few songs of the album find her in the confines of living quarters, longing, whether it be for quiet, hope, or perhaps innocence.  One song in particular, Softly, Baier is singing about (or possibly to) her children and seems to see the world through their hopeful, loving eyes.  
There’s a balancing of childlike attention to detail and existential wisdom in her writing that’s unattainable for most to put into words.

While her song subjects are usually situationally specific and aren’t exactly universal, there is a style of writing with nostalgia that Baier uses to relate to the listener.  She seems to heavily rely on this and recalls personal events with such intricate detail that it sometimes passes a sense of false memory to me.  On the other hand some songs remind me of events that have truly happened in my life where the lyrics are exactly what I was feeling, and she suddenly sends me back to those moments with clarity.  

Her voice reflects many lifetimes worth of sorrow and sweetness, floating effortlessly above sometimes unpredictable chord progressions, while fingerpicking in a comforting rhythm. 

As engaging as a lullaby is to an expectant child and often as soothing, this album is bound to give you a few life-affirming tugs at the heart.

-Riley Campos, Oct 20, 2020

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