Limber Brain- Paranoia Go Go


A song I wrote a while back that felt relevant.

Lyrics: Nothing worried me at all I should’ve known that it was wrong at the time took the train right out of town when I was going west the populace were shouting “shut it down” and “god save us” wish it was all a daydream

Just give me a minute I’m not sure I get it at all

The government’s against us and every other citizen is insane someone’s got another sub-machine gun it’s bedlam and you’re not safe

you’re not well read enough you can’t get off your cell phone and all that you can do now is complain cause by the break of dawn they’ll burn and bomb this hell hole and then we’ll all be dead All settled in the ashes

nothing worries me at all I never know what’s going on half the time take a breath and settle down somebody told me that’s what I should do




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