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As you heard in our recent e-mail, we are not holding classes onsite this week and are instead providing a video lesson. This lesson will be for all our Core science classes including teens. We’ve done our best to select a lesson your children should be able to complete with items commonly found in your home. There will be a materials list at the end of this post. If you have multiple children we encourage them to do the lesson together, even if they are not normally in the same class. Parents can participate as well, but please try to avoid taking over the experiment or explaining how it should work. We feel your children learn best in experiments like these where they do multiple trials, make mistakes, and figure things out for themselves.

We are trying out a new platform, XOTV, for sharing videos. It’s a smaller company than the familiar YouTube and has the advantage of not showing ads or suggesting videos to watch next that might be inappropriate for your children. I tried it out with my 9 year old this morning and we felt it was easy to use and worked well.

How to Use This Lesson:

These videos are from a complete class and were filmed about 10 years ago (with the exception of the intro). The following is a suggested way to use these videos. You know your kids best, older kids and sibling groups may be able to work through the entire project independently since it follows the usual rhythm of our weekly classes.

• Child watches the “Intro”, “Story Before the Story”, and the “Story”.

• This is the point where your child typically gives their first input in class. Ask “If you were Jack and Jill, what would you do?” Any answer is acceptable, this is about getting your child engaged and excited for the experiment.

• Child Watches the video “Experiment”

• The Experiment video explains the experiment. At this point give your child the materials and encourage them to experiment. If you have a group of siblings who can work together or side by side that’s great. Parents can join the fun too, but let your child take the lead in coming up with the ideas.When they have had a chance to do several trials, you can show them the video “Part 6 – Inspiration” where the kids are doing the experiment. We encourage the kids to see what other kids do and use that inspiration to add to their own ideas. After they watch the second experiment video, encourage them to go back and try out any new ideas they have based on what they saw.

• When they are done, the children should watch the “End of Story” video.


• Paper - Copy/Printer paper works well, but if you don’t have that any similar paper will do. The kids will use one sheet of paper per attempt and we hope they try many attempts!

• Books - These are for weight. Hardback works best. You could use textbooks, picture books, coffee table books…

• Tape - Scotch tape if you have it, masking tape would also work well.

• Scissors

• Scale - A bathroom scale works well, I don’t have one of those so I used a kitchen scale with my kids. If you don’t have a scale they could always just count how many books each of their designs can hold.

• Shapes - It often helps if they have some shapes to wrap the paper around as they form their structures. I grabbed some paper towel rolls, spice bottles, etc. and put them nearby but you can also just let your kids search around the house for things that would work when the time comes.

Once you have the above materials gathered, you are ready for the lesson.

The link below will take you directly to the lesson video. XOTV is privacy focused and does not share any personal information with anyone. Email addresses are stored but never shared or used for spam / advertising.

Samson’s Columns Lesson

Please note, if you want to leave a comment on a video, you will need to sign-up for a free account. The only requested items are an email and password. Again, email is not used for any purpose other than to establish an account.

Share what you did!

Send a picture to and we’ll add it to a blog post on the XOTV site that’s linked to the videos. You can find it here Samson’s Columns Photos. Let us know if you have a comment to use as a caption and if you want your name(s) included.

If you have any questions you can send them to and it will be forwarded on to whoever is best able to answer. We will reply to all comments and e-mails with words of encouragement for your kids.

We look forward to hearing from all of you and seeing you back at Rock-It Science soon!


Rock-It Science teachers and staff

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