*NEW* SKELETON DELUXE ACCESSORY KIT 2020 | 4 Inch Action Figure Review | Vitruvian from Boss Fight


Review of the 2020 Skeleton Deluxe Accessory Kit and Warrior Skeleton action figure from Boss Fight Studios.

Warrior Skeleton came carded and stands about 4” tall and has about 28 points of articulation. He came with a sword, shield, spear, helmet, and figure stand with clips.

The Skeleton Deluxe Accessory Kit includes: - Pumpkin Skull Head - Pirate Skull Head - Monster Skull Head - Alien Skull Head - Demon Skull Head - Animal Skull Head - Pirate Sword - Grim Reaper Scythe - Black Pirate Boots (4 pieces) - Black Boots (4 pieces) - Brown Boots (4 pieces) - Long Fingered Bone Hands (2) - Left Pointing Finger Hand - Right Bone Hand - Bone Wings (4 pieces)


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