The James Webb Space Telescope's Folding Mirrors


In a recent test, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope fully deployed its primary mirror into the same configuration it will have when in space.

In order to perform the groundbreaking science expected of Webb, its primary mirror needs to be so large that it cannot fit inside any rocket available in its fully extended form. Performed in early March, this most recent test involved commanding the spacecraft’s internal systems to fully extend and latch Webb’s iconic 6.5 meter (21 feet 4-inch) primary mirror.

“Deploying both wings of the telescope while part of the fully assembled observatory is another significant milestone showing Webb will deploy properly in space. This is a great achievement and an inspiring image for the entire team,” said Lee Feinberg, optical telescope element manager for Webb at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

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Video credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Sophia Roberts (AIMM): Producer

Sophia Roberts (AIMM): Videographer

Michael P. Menzel (AIMM): Videographer

Sophia Roberts (AIMM): Video Editor

Michael McClare (KBRwyle): Lead Videographer

Bailee DesRocher (USRA): Animator




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