Quarantine Vlog | 30 Push-Ups Everyday for 30 Days! Can I Do It?


We’re in quarantine! And I’ve been trying to come up with a way to challenge myself physically and turn it into real life video for my XOTV channel. I tried and I tried, but so far the push-up challenge was the most successful I’ve been. That being said, I’m going to continue to do push-ups 6 days a week through out the month of May 2020 (and hopefully for much longer). Thank You! And enjoy. :)

p.s. let me know if I should make more real life videos… I’ll think of something!

Music used: Faith - The Weeknd Pokémon Remixes by GlitchxCity on Spotify/YouTube.




Good job man, I was on 100 - 200 push ups a day at one point, but got a little lazy a few weeks ago :)


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I feel you bro, not only does it get hard at times but it can legit get boring haha. I might need to re-attempt this one!

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