Clansthal Beach, KZN South Coast, South Africa | Drone


What a perfect day at Clansthal beach, family fun day with the most beautiful turquoise water I have ever seen in KZN.

Took a flight down the beach, in reverse and then it happened, a house jumped out right in my flight path. Crashed my DJI Mavic Pro into the outside wall of a mansion on the beach, 1 km from where I was sitting. Had to run up the beach to get it, not knowing if it survived, longest 10 minutes of my life.

At least all is good, no damage to the property or people, only damage was to my ego and I lost 4 props. But do you blame me, I was mesmerized by the footage and forgot to take note of where I was in my surroundings. As they say, Sh!t happens. :-)

Filmed and crashed on 30 March 2019.

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