online gaming

Hello, and welcome to my channel. I’m an old school gamer who would enjoy sharing some of my game experience with everyone who cares to watch my channel.

I mainly play multiplayer games, but I do enjoy a good single player/story from time to time.

Please leave suggestions about whether good bad or indifferent because I can’t fix what I don’t know. Help me give you better content.

That’s it for now; I’ll up this as time goes on and again, welcome to my channel.

The systems Here the gear:

The Producer: 12GB of RAM Xeon 5690 CPU GTX 960 Windforce GTX 1050Ti OS: Manjaro Linux This system receives my network streams and package it up and sends it out to the world to see.

Gaming system one: 12GB of RAM Xeon 5690 CPU ASUS 1080Ti ROG (should I drop another in there?) OS: Windows 10

Gaming system two: 256GB of RAM Quad Opteron 6386 SE overclock (hard to find parts for water cooling) Radeon VII R7 270 OS: Server 2019

Input devices: Thrustmaster T16000M Logitech G502 Logitech G13 (softmod) XBOX controls

Output devices: The RIG 800LX 7.1 sound from Plantronics Three monitors

Old school MacBook Pro 17” (The last of the Mohicans) For video editing

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