PART 1 MUST WATCH! Birthday! 21 21 ! & 21 Life Lessons I learned


These are the 21 life lessons learned over 21 years of life!! 1- Workout to keep the mind sane ! 2- Never stay in one spot, if you’re moving forward you’re moving backwards! 3- Things will change family members , friendships , things you thought would always be the same will change and that’s ok it leaves room open to fill it with people who will motivate you! 4- Enjoy being in the moment, stop chasing the next thing, enjoy that THING that you’re in now ! 5- Not everyone will have the same goals as you and that’s okay ! Stay on your path don’t try to jump in someone else’s path ! 6- Don’t think your asking the wrong questions you aren’t! You are asking the right questions to the wrong people ! 7- Put your self in the shoes of others and see where they are coming from. 8- Learn something new a day, whether it’s from reading a book, watching a video or going to a seminar. We live in an era that has endless possibility of learning! 9- Do things for your own happiness, don’t do things to please others those people who support you when you have nothing or are just starting cherish them. Those you criticize you will still be hating when you’re winning. 10- Be prepared for a medical emergency; being but by a monkey in Thailand , being hospitalized in Mexico, will teach you quick on how important being insured is . 11- More money more problems. Save money for a rainy day , the money isn’t always going to be flowing in , or if it is you’ll will find your self with more bills . 12- Invest in a good bed! Trust me it’ll cost you less then a bag of chips a day! 13- Invest in a good pair of jeans , shoes and shirt ! So on your day off you can feel really good !




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