PART 2 MUST WATCH! Birthday! 21 21 ! & 21 Life Lessons I learned


14 - Meal prep food it will be really expensive to eat out every day ! 15 - Make a budget of your monthly income and subtract your expenses, and that will be the money you have left over . Save some, invest some, and use some , don’t forget to enjoy it haha, 16 - Instead of financing a car, buy it our right if your budget allows you too! 17- Make mistakes while your young and don’t be afraid to look “dumb” or wrong you got time make mistakes this is the time where you make mistakes ! 18-Travel ! Y’all trust me it’ll build your characters and shows you sides didn’t know you had and strengthen your foundation as a person. 19-People are genuinely looking out for themselves but usually wont do it at the risk of your own happiness (be careful there is shady people ) 20-Don’t worry if your body changes from your teens to your twenties that’s normal ! 21- Don’t worry if you don’t have your life figured out before 21 it isn’t a problem . Society has brain washed us to work a 9-5 when in reality we can live our life and find different forms of income and enjoy life while we’re young plus make money !

A bonus one is this keep yourself busy because the human mind loves to make problems that don’t have to be problems just for the hell of it if you keep yourself busy and productive you didn’t have time to waste on.




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