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 The bench, press equipment, a bench dumbbells, or barbells in a squat rack. Why the bench press it's a compound movement.

 The bench press is a compound movement, meaning you are activating multiple muscles simultaneously when performing the exercise and this case, the bench press activates the PEX anterior deltoid. Triceps lats and the abdominals, the bench press is renowned to be one of, if not the best upper body exercise, it's very effective for building muscle because it is a compound movement and this is completely anecdotal, but it's one of the best feeling exercises.

I love the bench press, but it's important to perform it correctly. So this is how you perform the bench, press variation. One. Barbell squat rack bench

to perform the bench, press with a barbell and a squat rack. Stand at the end of the bench, sit down and bring your knees to each side of the bench. Bring your ankles back to be aligned or slightly behind your knees and drive your ankles into the ground. 

 Next lineup, your eyes of the bar

then grab the bar. So the weight is equally distributed. There should be these little rings to wrap your fingers around. I usually wrap my ring finger around the ring, but do whatever works best for you? Next, pull the bar towards your chest without unwrapping the bar, breath, embrace your core.

 Lift the bar and move it to the middle of your chest. lower the bar right below your nipple line, touch the bar to your chest and squeeze your chest by trying to push your hands together without letting go of the bar,

then lift and repeat until your set is over. Push the weight. So your arms are fully extended and bring the bar back onto the rack. Let go of the bar racking, the bar I would recommend if possible for the first time you do this exercise, have a spotter or record yourself and compare your bench to mine.

Everyone's bench is a bit different, but this will help give you a baseline to make sure you were doing the bench. Press correctly

. Bench press with dumbbells. stand at the end of the bench with dumbbells in hand. Sit down and bring the Dumbos to your lap simultaneously.

Kick one leg towards your chest and laid down. Then kick your other leg, bringing your weight towards your chest. Then lift the dumbbells at the same time, evenly up and down.

Repeat this until your set is done, then bring your dumbbells to your chest with a neutral grip. Kick your legs and sit up too into a sitting position. Stand and drop the weights by your side.

 Common bench problems, shoulder pain.

 If you're benching and experiencing any shoulder pain, try to bring your arms lower and press lower from your chest. This allows your chest to do more of the work. And instead of your anterior deltoid, your anterior deltoids should be a synergistic muscle, not the primary muscle driver.

Lack of chest activation.

 a common misconception. Is that the chess main function is for pushing the chest. The main function is for abducting, an add ducting your arm. So here's a little tip to help with chest activation. Stand up and extend your arm outwards. Bring your arm towards your body.

If you're not feeling your chest.

bring your shoulder lower and feel your chest activate with the other arm. Make sure the squeeze, your chest as hard as you can. You should feel a distinct activation.

. When you were benching, try to bring your hands closer to the middle of the bar without actually letting go of the bar. This will help with chest activation

muscle imbalance. If you were a benching and one arm is coming up faster than the other, there is a muscle imbalance issue. A great way I have found to fix this is a variation of the bench press called dumbbell alternating press go to before a dumbbell press, but instead of benching at the same time, start with the weaker side, do as many reps as you can on that side, and then switch to the stronger side.

Bench, press variations.

. Here are some common bench, press variations. These are great to throw into your routine to shock the muscle so you can get a different stimulus to grow more muscle and to focus on the different parts of the bench.

Press if you apply your form to the regular bench, press, all of these are extremely similar.

So I'm going to run through them quickly. The incline bench press is great for activating the upper chest. The decline bench press is the opposite and it's great for activating the lower chest. The narrow grip is good for activating the triceps. The wide grip focuses more on the chest and dumbbells are good fruits, stability, and helping muscle imbalances.

As we talked about before.

All right. That is the end of this blog post. Thank you so much for reading this. If you have any questions on the bench, press, or anything else, you can leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as best I can.
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