Cracker Thin Margherita Pizza Recipe - Pizza Week Episode 1


Kicking off pizza week with a classic, cracker thin crusted Margherita Pizza!

Click here for a detailed, printer friendly recipe](

We are kickin’ off Cracker Thin Pizza Week with a classic, go-to recipe: The Margherita.

For all those times mom stocked the fridge with leftovers when she went out of town but dad still ordered you Domino’s for dinner, we thought we’d Q up a new pie each day this week leading up to Father’s Day (you’re welcome for the reminder).

In honor of the man who taught you righty tighty, lefty loosey and how to properly fire up a charcoal grill, give one of our thin crust pizzas a try this weekend when you’re cooking out with the old man.

Let us know what you think! What’s your go to homemade pizza?

Click here for a detailed, printer friendly recipe

Accessories used in video:

SOS Shells

Boos Block


FOGO Premium Hardwood Charcoal

Music by Floppy Circus:






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