Cracker Thin Hot Salami Pizza Recipe - Pizza Week Episode 2


Next up for cracker thin pizza week: The Hot Salami! This might be our favorite pizza recipe of the week, but we couldn’t keep it from you any longer. If you like spice in your life, you have to give this honey drizzled pizza a go. For instructions on marinating the habanero honey, head to our website for the detailed recipe.

Click here for a detailed, printer friendly recipe

Next up for Cracker Thin Pizza Week: The Hot Salami. Now we know this sounds like a nickname for a 1930s ball player (Ol’ Hot Salami went 3 for 4 today with 5 RBIs but everyone is still depressed), but this just might be our favorite pizza of the week.

Inspired by a Cane Rosso off-menu item, this honey drizzled pie is not nearly as sweet as it sounds. To properly spice up this recipe, you have to plan ahead a few days in order to marinate the habanero honey to your taste buds’ liking.

If you can’t find hot soppressata at the store, any salami or prosciutto will do, but of course the spicier the better. Also, be sure the meat is thinly sliced.

If your dad always says “it can never be too spicy,” start marinating your habanero honey today and serve up this Hot Salami pizza on Father’s Day.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts and what you would add to this recipe!

Click here for a detailed, printer friendly recipe

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