Sweet Corn Brisket Mac and Cheese Recipe - Episode 9


Cure that 4th of July hangover with this delicious medley: Sweet Corn Brisket Mac and Cheese

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Are you struggling at work today after freedoming too hard on the 4th? HangryQ is here for you! Cure that hangover with our Sweet Corn Brisket Mac and Cheese recipe up today on the Q.

The only thing worse than desert dry brisket is when a holiday falls on a midweek day, and we are all regretting our attempts to keep up with the calorie intake of Joey Chestnut yesterday. Seriously, 72 hot dogs?! How is that even possible?

Anyways, back to the mac, this delicious HangryQ medley is a must try at your next cookout. The sweet corn mixed with fresh cheese and jalapenos makes for a booming combination. If you have some leftover brisket or pulled pork, this recipe only takes about an hour from start to finish, and it’s the perfect way of tricking your kids into eating leftovers!

You can prepare this mac and cheese as your main meal or just a side dish, but either way it will take center stage. Get to grilling and let us know what you think of this recipe by leaving your comments below!

Accessories used in video:

Thermapen MK4

Boos Block

FOGO Premium Hardwood Charcoal

Music By Moose Dawa






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