Peach Crumble Recipe - Episode 13


Following up last week’s spice with something sweet. This week on the Q: Peach Crumble.

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When it comes to dessert, you want something that stands out and doesn’t make you feel like a complete glutton when you take the last bite. That’s why we threw in some fruit and oats in this delicious variation of peach cobbler.

It only takes about 30 minutes from start to belly, and it pairs flawlessly with that vanilla ice cream in your freezer.

This is such a simple recipe that can cap off any bbq and will for sure place your family in a food snooze.

There’s just something about that hot, cold bite combination that can only be found in a dessert like this and leftover spaghetti you didn’t microwave long enough. Plus, with every spoonful of ice cream, you’re also getting a peachy dose of Vitamin C! The peaches basically even it all out right?!

Ya we think so too. Go ahead and give this recipe a try at your next cookout. Let us know how it goes and tell us what we should cook up next!

Music by Dyalla Swain

Accessories used in video:

Smokeware Chimney Cap

Looft Lighter

Boos Block

FOGO Premium Hardwood Charcoal




Wow, these videos are so beautiful to watch! And delicious looking! Can’t wait for when we get to have summer BBQs :)


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