Industrial Craft 2 (Part 3) Advanced Machines | Minecraft 1.12.2


Hey guys! Today I’m doing part 3 of this Industrial Craft 2 series, you might notice a few change from the normal type of mod review I’ve done before, and that has to do with my video called “Changes!”. I said I wanted to put more time into these bigger reviews, make them easier to understand, and make them a smoother and more helpful video overall. Hope you like the changes and let my know of any other things that you might want me to change. Hope you enjoy!

Industrial Craft 2

Authors: Alblaka, Player, Aroma1997, Chocohead, estebes, RichardG867

Just Enough Items

Author: mezz

Other Mods Review of Mine:

The Betweenlands (Part 1):

The Twilight Forest (Part 1):




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