One Minute Tech - Episode 1 (Pilot)


My Name is Sean Wyn, and I love Technology! This is the very first “One Minute Tech” made for fun for Instagram (due to them allowing only 1 minute video files to be uploaded at a time). Because of that, it gave me an idea & a challenge: Make interesting content, to be as informative as much as possible… but keeping it within one minute in order to not waste everyone’s time.

With that, welcome to my Hobby Series! In this episode, I used my ONEPLUS 7 Pro to showcase the power smartphones have now that is near or equal to the level of a home computer or better! By hooking up a dock, Game Controller and running an emulator… I was able to play Flagship console games without any problems!

This is only a taste of things to come, as future episodes will be more informative on how to achieve certain processes.

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Welcome to the XOTV family!! It’s great to have you here! :D


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