One Minute Tech - Episode 5 : The All-In-One Tablet


Of all the tablets out there, there is only one that emerges as victorious till this very day: The iPad. Apple’s tablet device is the perfect hybrid combo of a Smartphone, a Laptop & an E-reader! While most people use it as an entertainment device or paper weight, the iPad has amazing other features that some people do not utilize or take advantage of: Its ability to be a powerful office & business tool. Making contracts or documents or invoices, signing them, reviewing, modifying, scanning other docs, backing up, faxing and etc… All can be done with ease and without wasting any paper! Did I mention faxing? Yes! those are still around. And you do not need to own a fax machine anymore to send one! or a Scanner to scan documents. or a Printer to Print. Because let’s face it, Printer Ink & buying any one of those machines are expensive & annoying! Here’s hope for a paperless future!




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