One Minute Tech - Episode 6 : R.D.P.


“Remote Access” or “Remote Desktop” is an amazing free tool that allows you to use any device with internet to connect to your “Base Station” or “Main Computer Room” from anywhere around the world! The idea is to allow the user freedom to travel without restrictions and be able to access the Home Base Computer (as long as there is internet) without the worry of bulk or running into problems of losing important docs during the travel. You can use your Smartphone, Tablet, another computer, etc and take control of your Main Computer and act as if you have never left your home base! It’s like Streaming your own Main Computer directly to your portable device! This tool makes life a lot easier for those with multiple jobs or have many task to accomplish at the same time. Exporting/Rending a Video for example takes time, so in the meantime, you can go run an errand or go to a meeting and check up on your computers status while away. Or if you are away and you forgot to send a document or file, using RDP to access your computer from your phone or tablet to email to whomever! Or back it up on the cloud so you can access it on your device later. the possibilities are endless!




The idea of using this type of technology opens up a whole new way of working!


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