One Minute Tech - Episode 8 : WearOS Review


The Apple Watch & Samsung Smartwatches are clearly superior in terms of behaving almost exactly like a smartphone but with more simplicity… So, what about Google’s Wear OS (Android Watch)? As of 2020, Android has dominated about 80% of the World’s Market in Smartphones, but somehow struggle to compete in the Smartwatch category. Today, we will deep dive into the features that Wear OS provides using the Fossil smartwatch Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100. After using the watch for about a week, it is very clear that Wear OS needs some more work & tweaking as it can get confusing on where & how to navigate. The User Interface takes a bit of time to learn & adapt as well as understand. Hopefully Wear OS will improve on this in the near future by simplifying the UI and making it more user friendly. For now, If you are in the market for a smartwatch, stick with the heavy hitters. However, If you really want a Google watch or love the Android ecosystem, then I would say go for it! It isn’t a bad smartwatch by all means and does have a lot of cool features, just note that it needs more time to find its footing. If you are a health nut, pretty much any smartwatch will provide you with a ton of apps that will help make your life even better and adapt to your active lifestyle.




I would love to see a longer more detailed review of the Google Smart Watch. Are you planning to do longer reviews then 1 minute?


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Soon… =D

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Love your channel Sean!


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