Release date June 13, 1935


Becky Sharp (Miriam Hopkins), a socially ambitious young lady, manages to survive during the background years of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. Becky gradually climbs the British social ladder, overcoming poverty and class distinctions, through her best friend Amelia Sedley (Frances Dee), praising any rich man who would listen.

In her efforts to advance herself, she manages to connect with a number of gentlemen: the Marquis of Steyne (Cedric Hardwicke), Joseph Sedley (Nigel Bruce), Rawdon Crawley (Alan Mowbray), and George Osborne (G. P. Huntley Jr), the husband of Amelia.

She rises to the top of British society but becomes the scourge of the social circle, offending influential ladies such as Lady Bareacres (Billie Burke).

Sharp falls into the humiliation of singing for her meals in a beer hall, but she never stays down for long. At the end, she cons her last man and finally lands Amelia’s brother, Joseph.

Cast Miriam Hopkins as Becky Sharp Frances Dee as Amelia Sedley Cedric Hardwicke as Marquis of Steyne Billie Burke as Lady Bareacres Alison Skipworth as Miss Crawley Nigel Bruce as Joseph Sedley Alan Mowbray as Rawdon Crawley G. P. Huntley Jr. as George Osborne William Stack as Pitt Crawley George Hassell as Sir Pitt Crawley William Faversham as Duke of Wellington Charles Richman as General Tufto Doris Lloyd as Duchess of Richmond Colin Tapley as William Dobbin Leonard Mudie as Tarquin May Beatty as Briggs Charles Coleman as Bowles Bunny Beatty as Lady Blanche Finis Barton as Miss Flowery Olaf Hytten as The Prince Regent Pauline Garon as Fifine James ‘Hambone’ Robinson as Sedley’s page Elspeth Dudgeon as Miss Pinkerton Tempe Pigott as The Charwoman Ottola Nesmith as Lady Jane Crawley Creighton Hale as British Officer (uncredited)




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