At War with the Army



The film is set at a United States Army base in Kentucky at the end of 1944, during World War II.[4] The protagonists are First Sergeant Vic Puccinelli and Private First Class Alvin Korwin, who were partners in a nightclub song-and-dance act before joining the Army.

Puccinelli wants to be transferred from his dull job to active duty overseas, but is refused transfer and is to be promoted to Warrant Officer. Korwin wants a pass to see his wife and new baby. In addition, they have to rehearse for the base talent show and avoid the wrath of Alvin’s platoon sergeant, Sergeant McVey.

Along the way they both sing a few songs, and they do an impression of Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald by recreating a scene from Going My Way (1944) for the talent show. Further complications include a Post Exchange worker who is pregnant, a company commander who gets all his information from his wife, a scheming supply sergeant, and a defective Coca-Cola machine.


Dean Martin as 1st Sgt. Vic Puccinelli
Jerry Lewis as PFC. Alvin Korwin
Mike Kellin as Sgt. McVey
Angela Greene as Mrs. Deborah Caldwell
Tommy Farrell as Cpl. Clark
Polly Bergen as Helen Palmer
Jean Ruth as Millie
William Mendrek as Capt. Ernest Caldwell
Douglas Evans as Col. Davis
Kenneth Forbes as 2nd Lt Davenport
Danny Dayton as Supply Sgt. Miller
Paul Livermore as Pvt. Jack Edwards
Frank Hyers as Cpl. Shaughnessy
Ty Perry as Lt. Terrey
Jimmie Dundee as Eddie
Dick Stabile as Pvt. Pokey
Dewey Robinson as Bartender
Joe Gray as Soldier




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