The Man from Utah



An impoverished saddle tramp from Utah, John Weston, rides into a small town seeking work. He finds himself gunning down a trio of men robbing a local bank. The marshal sees the fearless, quick-drawing, sharp-shooting, hard-riding stranger as the man for the marshal’s plan of discovering who is behind a crooked rodeo. A further mystery is that several rodeo riders have died of snakebite. Weston enters the rodeo as part of a plan to uncover the crooks. He manages to win every event he enters while also solving the crime, including the snakebite mystery, and winning the affection of the local judge’s daughter.


John Wayne as John Weston
Polly Ann Young as Marjorie Carter
Anita Campillo as Dolores
Edward Peil Sr. as Spike Barton
George “Gabby” Hayes as Marshal George Higgins
Yakima Canutt as Cheyenne Kent
George Cleveland as Nevada sheriff




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