Laurel & Hardy: "Sugar Daddies"


A rich oil tycoon (Finlayson) awakens one morning after a night of carousing to be told that he was married the night before. Not only does he have a new wife, but also a new gold-digging stepdaughter and brother-in-law who want to murder him for his wealth. His lawyer (Laurel) is called in to straighten things out when a blackmail attempt is made. He decides to hide out in a hotel with his butler (Hardy) and his lawyer (Laurel). He finally escapes by climbing on Stan’s shoulders, wearing a long overcoat and pretending to be Ollie’s wife. Wild chases through a dance hall and amusement park ensue.


James Finlayson - Oil tycoon Cyrus Brittle
Stan Laurel - Brittle’s lawyer
Oliver Hardy - Brittle’s butler
Noah Young - Brittle’s brother-in-law
Charlotte Mineau - Mrs. Brittle
Edna Marion - Daughter Eugene Pallette - Brittle’s butler look-alike
Jack Hill - Hotel staff
Charlie Hall - Hotel staff
Sam Lufkin - Funhouse ticket taker
Dorothy Coburn - Girl in fun house
Ray Cooke - Bellboy




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