Roy Rogers: Grand Canyon Trail (1948)


Sintown is just a deserted ghost town until Vanderpool starts looking for silver. Cookie and Roy’s partners put $20,000 into the business only to find that the mine is worthless and Vanderpool is bankrupt. Carol comes out to look for silver to save the company, but does not know that their engineer, named Regan, is crooked and wants all the silver for himself. But only Old Ed knows where the mother lode is located.


Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers
Trigger as Trigger, Roy’s Horse
Jane Frazee as Carol Martin aka Carol Vanderpool
Andy Devine as Cookie Bullfincher
Robert Livingston as Bill Regan
Roy Barcroft as Dave Williams (Regan henchman)
Charles Coleman as J. Malcolm Vanderpool
Emmett Lynnas Old Ed Carruthers
Ken Terrell as Mike Delaney (Regan henchman)
James Finlayson as Sheriff
Tommy Coats as Henchman Bannister
Foy Willing as Singer, Rancher
Riders of the Purple Sage as Singing Ranchers




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