La Cucaracha (1934)


La Cucaracha is a 1934 American short musical film directed by Lloyd Corrigan. The film was designed by Robert Edmond Jones, who was hired by Pioneer Pictures to design the film in a way to show the new full-color Technicolor Process No. 4 (“three-strip” Technicolor) at its best. Process No. 4 had been used since 1932, mainly in Walt Disney cartoons. Jock Whitney and his cousin C. V. Whitney, the owners of Pioneer, were also major investors in Technicolor. La Cucaracha was made like a short feature and cost about $65,000. The usual short film at that time cost little more than $15,000 to film.

Producer Kenneth Macgowan won an Oscar in 1935 for Best Short Subject (Comedy) for this film.



Señor Martinez, a famous theater owner, visits a local café in Mexico because of its reputation for good food and to audition the famous dancer who performs there. Martinez tells the café owner that if the dancer is as good as he has heard, he will offer the dancer a contract to perform in his theater. The café’s female singer hears about this and is determined that he won’t leave the café without her.



Steffi Duna as Chatita
Don Alvarado as Pancho
Paul Porcasi as Señor Esteban Martinez
Eduardo Durant as Orchestra Leader
Sam Appel as Cafe manager
Chris-Pin Martin as Chiquita’s Fan in Cafe
Julian Rivero as Esteban
Charles Stevens as Pancho’s Valet


Academy Award Winner




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