45 Minutes from Hollywood (Laurel & Hardy)


45 Minutes From Hollywood (1926) is an American two-reel silent film released by Pathé Exchange. The runtime is 15 minutes.

At the time, it was known as a Glenn Tryon vehicle, but today it is best remembered as the second instance of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy appearing in the same film together — although they do not share any scenes — at least half a decade after their first chance billing in The Lucky Dog (1921).

Since the film uses footage from the Theda Bara star vehicle Madame Mystery (released April 1926), it is also the last screen appearance of silent film vamp Bara.



A California family is sent a letter informing them that if they do not quickly travel to Hollywood to pay a fee they owe, they will be evicted from their home. The family decides to send Grandpa, but the son so badly wants to see Hollywood that he convinces his mother to let him go too.



Rube Clifford
Molly O’Day
Theda Bara
Mickey Daniels
Scooter Lowry
Allen “Farina” Hoskins
Jackie Condon
Jay R. Smith
Johnny Downs
Joe Cobb
Oliver Hardy
Edna Murphy
Jerry Mandy
Ham Kinsey
Ed Brandenberg
Jack Hill
Stan Laurel
Al Hallett
Tiny Sandford
Monte Collins
The Hal Roach Bathing Beauties
Janet Gaynor
and with Vivien Oakland appearing on a magazine cover




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