Betty White: Date with The Angels: Everybody's Baby


Date with the Angels is an American sitcom that aired on ABC from May 10, 1957, to January 29, 1958. The series, which stars Betty White and Bill Williams, began as a late-season replacement for The Ray Anthony Show for the same sponsor, Chrysler’s Plymouth division. Tom Kennedy was the show’s announcer and spokesman for Plymouth.


Rock-a-Bye Boo Boo. The Angel’s good friend is having a baby and everybody’s at the hospital except the father.


Betty White as Vickie Angel Bill Williams as Gus Angel Roy Engel as George Clemson Natalie Masters as Wilma Clemson George N. Neise as Carl Donald Curtis as Ross Gavin Gordon as Mr. Malcolm Gage Clarke as Dr. Frederick P. Gordon Elvia Allman as Nurse Thompson Dan Riss as Mr. Nemeth Mary Treen as Maternity Nurse Jackie Kelk as Phonebooth New Father




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