Abreasted development.

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That’s the tumor!
On 1 April 2020 during an international pandemic I felt a lump in my breast. Everyone was in lockdown, but because of my anxiety I let a clinic nurse feel me up. 

She said she would rather just have me check it out because the lump felt hard. She sent me to radiology at Unitas Hospital in Centurion, South Africa.

They did a sonar. The doctor there was supporting and very loving. I felt safe. Then she got this look on her face... “Usually benign lumps are round with round edges, your lump has rough edges, but it’s nothing to worry about yet” Mine is heart-shaped... oh the irony...
We did a mammogram and a biopsy straight after.

What a stressful week. I was dating a new guy, I was a student with dreams. What if? What if I have cancer? It can’t be though, we don’t have cancer in our family, only 20% of biopsy lumps are cancer, and only 20% of cancerous lumps are in woman under 50. I’ll be fine! 

And repeat…

I was stressing so much that the new guy thought I was seeing someone else and dumped me... 
It was either that or he didn’t want to deal with a cancer girl… I felt alone and really really scared.

My doctor phoned the next morning: “Babette, it’s Karen Minnaar. I got your biopsy results back. Can you come and see me as soon as possible?” My heart sank, I knew. “Off course I will be there, is it bad news?”
“Let’s discuss it when you get here”
“I know we are in lockdown, but will I be able to bring my mom with me?”
“Yes, bring her with you, definitely bring her with you”

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Babette, you are a natural storyteller. I was compelled and on the edge of my seat reading this blog. Knowing it is your life story makes it all the more heart-wrenching. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your journey with us.


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