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I didn’t sleep that night… the night I heard I have cancer…
“Are they going to remove my breasts?” “Chemo???” “My hair is going to fall out, if I have options I don’t want Chemo” “What if they only remove one breast?”

I met with Lucy the surgeon the day after my diagnosis. I immediately liked her and knew I was in great hands.

“Babette, the cancer you have can only be treated with Chemo”


“After 6months of chemo we’ll have to do a mastectomy”

“Fuck” “Both breasts? I don’t want one fake breast” “I don’t want fake breasts”

“I would recommend doing both breasts, like Angelina Jolie did, for prevention.”
“Yeah that’s probably better” My anxiety would kill me day and night… Don’t want to be touching myself in public now…

“Babette, it’s a boob. You don’t think with a boob, you don’t talk with a boob, you don’t smell or see with your boob. It’s just a boob”

“But is my boob!!!” “Its my femininity” “it’s apart of me” “I like my boobs” “What if I come out of this deformed?”

“Promise you that it will look even better” “We need to do this”
I met with my oncologist directly after… Same thing.

They scheduled an operation for a chemo port insertion the following week...

The chemo port is under my collar bone, the pipe goes up into my neck, through the artery and down to my heart

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