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Grid Down, No 2nd Chance !

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The documentary film Grid Down, Final Warning! investigates and follows the trail of information surrounding threats that the US national electrical grid faces right now. 

My partners at Paul Revere Films, LLC and I are in the final stages of finishing a shocking, but hopeful documentary detailing enormous threats to our power grid and the failure at many levels to deal with them.   We truly believe this documentary can 'go viral' and you can be enormously proud to be a key part of it. Our intent is to reach the greatest number of Americans possible.   This is a passion project for us to protect our great country. 

The one-hour film will  include important interviews with the leading national experts in this field, including the former head of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Jon Wellinghoff; former Head of the CIA under Bill Clinton, James Woolsey; Ambassador Henry Cooper; Head of the Homeland Security Task Force, Dr. Peter Pry; top Reagan science advisor William Graham, Ph.D.; geopolitical expert & author Frank Gaffney; & Senior Space Weather Analyst, John Kappenman, Congressman Ralph Norman – amongst others. Ex-DA & current Fox News media personality, Judge Jeanine Pirro provides forceful analytical observations. We provide a bipartisan approach which should result in meaningful action and results given the current mood of the nation.  The COVID-19 virus has reinforced our suspicions about how unprepared our leaders and country are for a disaster, and based on potential casualties, this cataclysmic event could create 1000x greater tragedy than a high-side estimate of 250,000 deaths from this pandemic. 

We show how our power grid system is vulnerable to four basic forms of attack:
             1) physical attack
             2) cyberattacks
             3) electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP)
             4) Solar geomagnetic disturbance (GMD)

We are at grave risk of the US power grid shutting down completely.  In this cataclysmic scenario, a orchestrated physical attack, electromagnet pulse attack (EMP), cyber-attack, or geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) could shut down our electricity grid for as long as one calendar year or longer. If you thought the recent COVID virus was paralyzing, this dwarfs that incident by 1000-fold.  We're shutting down the nation's commerce in fear of 100,000 deaths, but having the power be down for more than a year could potentially kill 250,000,000.   Once again, the country is unprepared in the face of great peril but cost-effective solutions currently exist.  Why didn't we have enough masks and PPE in February ?   I've provided several two-minute web links to help you understand the risk.

What's encouraging about this documentary is that there's absolute hope to be able to fix this problem.  Current technology exists to 'harden' our power grid and new high tech products have made it less expensive. There are regional initiatives that are being successfully pursued that illustrate how success can be easily achieved with the right organization and effort.  The documentary articulates this 'hope' as well as providing a legislative letter writing campaign to state and federal legislators and to each constituent's state utility commission chairman and key state emergency preparedness personnel including FEMA and the National Guard.   A copy of our US Congressman letter is included at the end of this document.     

Sufficient protections have not been put into place by our electric utilities, significantly due to a cover-ups & obstruction occurring at the level of those who oversee and administer the grid’s workings. This is an important moment in history where what we do and how we face these threats will determine whether we as a society as we know it, will continue to exist. It is estimated & was reported to Congress from the highly credentialed EMP Commission  that in the event of a protracted grid-down situation, from 75%-90% of Americans may not survive. The film documents the leading expert opinions and explains in a clear voice what we’re dealing with and how we got in this predicament and what now should be done about it.

Grid Down is the outcome of extensive research by its producers and director, who have taken it upon themselves to investigate the story and follow the trail, from Washington - to individual states which are battling to implement needed protections – to national conferences and hearings – and papers and interviews of leaders in this field.  It apprises us of the threats we face and what must be done urgently. We have received direct and veiled threats in the last year from the top leaders of each of our adversaries: Iran, North Korea, China & Russia. 

Note ex-General & former Trump advisor John Kelly on EMP:    Surprisingly truncated from the complete interview is Kelly's statement that it still keeps him awake at night.

Threats can come from either:
North Korea.                 
Rogue terrorists           

Very brief clips evidencing these treats can be found at:

These potential adversaries are now working together in an ominous development.

Additionally, a GMD is overdue as the risk is significant that a solar storm as big as what occurred in the Carrington Event in 1859 could shut down our power grid for an extended time period. NASA estimates that we face a 12% chance per decade of this occurring.  FEMA outlines that areas that are estimated at a 10% chance per decade are considered as 'special flood hazard areas'.

New legislation and a wake up call to the nation's executive branch is badly needed.  It will require a groundswell of the American people to rise up and demand that we address & fix this vulnerability. This phenomena was even mentioned in a 2019 Congressional Roundtable discussing EMP.  The American people possess the power to demand new legislation, restructure executive remedies, and become true Patriots fighting on the ground, and we can accomplish this.  We are offering action response tools to allow the public to make their voice heard and followed through upon.

We have partnered with two firms which will provide to our viewer: 1) pre-written letters to the appropriate lawmaker  urging specific actions and 2) a survival checklist & information package to better protect your family, in the event that we don't fix this existential problem in time. 

We have carefully crafted letters to be specifically provided to your legislator in both your state houses, your Congressman and both your US Senators.  All you have to do is provide your home address & make a couple of 'mouse clicks' and your correspondence is transmitted, or you can amplify your letter with your own words of outrage and passion.  We also are providing action letters to the chairman of your state's utility commission, your state's FEMA coordinator and your Adjutant General of your state's National Guard unit.   

We will also be donating a portion of our proceeds to 501©(3) party organizations to help fund skilled professionals 'on the ground' to facilitate executing action plans working with legislators & agencies to ensure follow through from these letters. These organizations are itemized below.  We'll be providing a 'back room library' with web links to insightful articles, so you can learn more about this threat.  We will be calling for a Cabinet-level official to be appointed to lead this charge and for the government to mandate specific standards for protecting the grid and insist the utilities follow through.

The documentary provides education, creates fear, significant outrage against obstructionists, optimism about significant recent progress & 'fixes', ending with a specific ‘call to action’ of tasks to ensure we protect the nation’s power grid from this significant threat. The power to make this happen rests with the nation’s citizens. Our politicians are simply ‘followers’. We as informed citizens need to drive this initiative and the start of this comes from education through a powerful film like Grid Down, Final Warning.

501-c-3 Organizations to be Supported

EMP Task Force                    EMPTaskForce.US 
Secure the Grid Coalition
High Frontier               
EMPact America         


“We have known about the existential threat posed by electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and geomagnetic disturbances (GMD) for decades. Our nation's leadership has proved inept in getting the job done in protecting us.  Our military has spent hundreds of billions on protecting our weaponry, but our civilian infrastructure has been virtually ignored.   Because most people are either unaware of the danger or view these as very low probability events, there has not been sufficient public pressure to take effective action to mitigate these threats. Instead, we have established commissions and study panels, conducted research, and developed plans to develop strategies. It is way past time to stop admiring this problem, and we must actually begin to do something concrete to protect our vulnerable electrical grid, control systems, and the ever-increasing array of electronic devices our society has become dependent upon.”

Senator Ron Johnson, 2/27/19 - Roundtable: Perspectives on Protecting the Power Grid from an EMP or GMD, Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee.

Additional Participants
Texas Senator Bob Hall
Lieutenant General Steven Kwast
Kevin Freeman
Speaker Newt Gingrich
Arnold Gunderson
Reza Kahlili
Michael Mabee
Dr. Alan Nichols
David Stuckenberg
Joe Weiss

Here's our template letter to each specific Congressman that will be provided with similar but slightly different letters to your state legislators, utility commission chairman, FEMA disaster coordinator and state National Guard Adjutant General.

Congressman xxx
As a resident of this great state and thus a constituent, I'm very worried about the security of our electric power grid. I just watched a very disturbing but hopeful documentary entitled 'Grid Down, No Second Chance' and I'm very upset about how little our national and state leadership has done to secure this most critical infrastructure, which completely vulnerable to many natural and manmade hazards.

I urge you to take the following actions:

1) Watch this important documentary & understand as much as possible about the various hazards to our country's crucial power grid, such as electromagnetic pulse (EMP), geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) or “space weather”, cyberattacks, physical sabotage and extreme weather.

2)   Immediately join the Bipartisan Congressional EMP Caucus and sponsor and/or support legislation to harden the electric grid against all hazards.

3)  Make an effort to reintroduce and pass the bipartisan House Resolution 762 from the 112th Congress.  (“Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding community-based civil defense and power generation”).  Push for a desperately needed renewed culture of preparedness in the United State

4) Quickly learn about objections to Senate Bill 3688 and vote against such bill should it get to the House for a vote.    This legislation poses a danger to the security, reliability, and safety of the electric grid in that it codifies a systemic coverup of electric grid standard violations by the industry and their self‐regulator, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

We viewers of this documentary are 'mad as hell, and we aren't going to take this anymore', in the words of broadcaster Howard Beale, from the famous movie Network.  We are very familiar with the influence of the electric power industry over its regulators and our elected officials, including lobbying and campaign contributions.   We’re going to be watching our elected leaders closely to see if they will continue to ignore threats to our power grid, be influence and placated by grid lobbyists, and thus putting our homeland in peril.

We expect you to do the right thing and take this threat seriously. We also want to offer that the growing awareness of these vulnerabilities will help ratepayers understand the need for grid protection, and possibly for rate increases, hopefully making your job and that of the utilities easier as we all embark on this critical task of securing the grid..


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