Why do people ignore this threat ?

Let’s talk about this… It’s ‘cognitive dissonance’ at the highest level.

People want to enjoy their sunny day , I can’t afford any pessimism

They think it can’t be true, ‘the government’s ‘GOT THIS’

There’s nothing we can do about it

Somebody else will handle it if it was so important

Our adversaries would never do anything like this, as we’d blow them off the planet

This is a ‘tin foil hat’ conspiracy theory Kooks have been warning us for years, & nothing ever happens… I have my faith in God & it won’t happen, he won’t let it.

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This reminds me of the joke of the woman who was waiting for God to save her…

A flood was going to ravage a city, and most people saw the alert and evacuated. One lady, however, decided that if God really loved her, He would save her from the flood. So she climbs up onto the roof of her apartment building and waits. The flood begins to rise and a rescue helicopter flies over. A man stands on the side and yells to her: “We’re going to save you!” The woman stubbornly replies: “No, I’m waiting for God to save me.” They try a little harder, but it’s obvious that she isn’t going to go, and they fly off to go save other people. The flood rises higher, and a boat drives by her building. The people inside tell her that they can save her, but she gives them the same reply. “I’m waiting for God to save me.” They drive off. Now the flood is almost at the top of the building, where she is, and another boat drives by. They yell: “This is your last opportunity! Get on! “ To which the woman yells back: “I’m waiting for God to save me!” They realize nothing can be done, so they shake their heads and drive off. The flood rises up to the top, and the woman drowns. At the gates of heaven, she complains to Peter: “I waited for God to save me, but he didn’t. He doesn’t love me. “ Peter frowns. “He sent you two boats and a helicopter, what are you complaining about?”

WE CAN FIX THIS ! It’s up to us, citizens of this great country.

Get educated, inform yourself, spread the word. We don’t want to be stuck in a position where you’re having to watch your children starve to death.
This is a real issue and can be fixed. Please pay attention and be a little uncomfortable for a while rather than miserable later.