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The documentary film Grid Down, No 2nd Chance, investigates the threats facing the US national power grid and proposes an action plan to fix the problem.

This is the first documentary to hit the issues head on, examining the specific risks and the politics and administrative workings that stand in the way of our protection. Declassified and shocking studies shows that the entire power grid is extremely vulnerable to attack and to several other dangers, some of which are (100%) certain to occur, but which we are not protected against.

The COVID-19 virus has reinforced our fears about how unprepared our leaders and country are for a disaster, and based on potential casualties, this cataclysmic event could create 1000x greater tragedy than a high-side estimate of 250,000 deaths from this pandemic. Again, the country is unprepared in the face of great peril but cost-effective solutions currently exist. Why didn’t we have enough masks in February ?

As we show, our grid system is vulnerable to four basic forms of attack - from it being taken down by a few terrorists with AK47’s, cyberattacks, EMPs and Solar Flares - and protections have not been put into place, significantly due to a cover-ups & obstruction occurring at the level of those who oversee and administer the grid’s workings. It is estimated that in the event of a protracted grid-down situation, 9 of 10 Americans may not survive.

What’s encouraging about this documentary is that there’s absolute hope to be able to resolve this problem. Current technology exists to ‘harden’ our power grid. There are regional initiatives that are being successfully pursued that illustrate how success can be easily achieved with the right organization and effort. We articulates this ‘hope’ as well as providing a legislative letter writing campaign to state and federal legislators and to each constituent’s state utility commission chairman and key state emergency preparedness personnel including FEMA and the National Guard. Additionally, we’ll help fund 501©(3) party organizations to execute action plans working with legislators & agencies to ensure follow through.

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Can’t wait to see the movie being backed by the center for security policy


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