Horses, Leadership, and Inclusive Excellence

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While we struggle and juggle to keep our organizations, communities and families afloat, these turbulent times call upon us to adapt, innovate and experiment with new approaches to our most enduring challenges. This kind of creative response can be especially tough to explore when resources are constrained and organizations are coping with emerging industry, global and technological pressures. As a result, fear is in the air, which hampers our very creativity, collaboration, and learning, when it is needed most.
Skye Ward and Doug PaxtonOne year ago I met Skye Ward in a spontaneous meeting at Saint Mary’s College, where we discovered we had some shared passions around horses, leadership, social change, and making our college a more just and loving place. We wanted to explore some new approaches to bringing staff and faculty together across differences. We had this crazy idea… to combine the idea of working with horses, leadership development and inclusive excellence, and Skye named it Healing Hearts with Horses: Inclusive Excellence in Action.
Our question: How might we be creative, collaborative, and experimental in taking action to heal differences and create a more loving, inclusive, just and equitable campus climate at Saint Mary’s College?
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