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12 hours day are the norm in the horse business. Truth is, horse care and training is very labor intensive and to do it right it’s a seven day a week job. One of the many challenges we face on a daily basis is that nothing happens unless we physically touch it, meaning unless you are willing to pick up that broom, shovel, manure fork, or rake, that horse stall will not clean itself! Our life revolves around hands on physical work, the the kind of work that makes you sweat even on the cold days. One of the hardest things for our clients is when they come out to ride is having to adjust to the physicality of our sport and being outside in the weather.
We watch them struggle, transitioning from their air conditioned office, home, car to the outdoor environment of the ranch. My clients safety comes first and foremost, I’m very diligent when it comes to reminding them the importance of hydration, sun screen, not over doing it and making sure they are wearing appropriate clothing and head gear.
In our horse business the risk of injury and death is a daily fact of life. What keeps us safe when working with large unpredictable equines is our training. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people through horsemanship education, and that means training my clients how to be safe around horses on the ground and in the saddle! There is no instant horsemanship, ours is a world that happens in real time and their success and progress is measured by the time and effort they invest into it.
How as a business owner do you overcome the physical and geographical limitations of a seven day week and a 12 hour work day? There is only so many lessons a day I can teach and so many horses I can train and ride. This puts a definite cap on the income potential for my business. Traditionally all professionals in the horse world resigned themselves to these limitations and made a living to the best of their abilities, accepting these limits on their income as the price they pay, to do what they love to do.
Today is a new day, is the first and only live streaming website that allows us to reach clients globally through the Internet, we can now expand beyond the physical and move into the future, virtually! Allowing us to be the first Virtual Horsemanship Academy in the world, to grow our business in a way that has never been possible before. We invite you to come along for the ride of a lifetime! Remember we are the first and only Virtual Horsemanship Academy in the world today! How many times in our life do we have the chance to say that? We are the very first to make this happen!
Thank you, Dennis Bright

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