Learn the intricacy of photo and video production

Hosted by Ivo Plamov and Vassil Karkelanov this channel gives you a unique perspective into the workings of professional photograph and and videography.

Ivo Palmov has worked as an executive producer, director and show runner for more then two decades for international TV networks for direct to home satellite TV programs. He brings a unique perspective and insight into the inner workings of producing engaging content.

Vassil Karkelanov is a world renowned master of advertising and fashion photography. Vassil’s work is featured in many well know global magazines such as PLAYBOY, EVA and many others.

His work can also be seen in global advertising campaigns for many major international brands. Stars and personalities like Lili Ivanova, Angie Everhart, Anya Pencheva, Antonina Stoyanova have put their trust in Vassil’s professional skills.