Get LOUD w Slink Johnson Trailer..


Black Jesus turned water into Hennessey Lamar Davis turned a city upside down in Grand Theft Auto and the actor behind both characters is set to turn live-action comedy on its head with his new PRHBTD series Get LOUD w Slink Johnson. The show follows Slink as he heads to dispensaries events parties modern growers and celebrity homes to cause chaos and unleash the full force of his over-the-top personality. People can expect hijinks calamity laughs excitement says Slink of his new series. We travel to different places and cover some of the finest cannabis spots and dispensaries but I dont want to categorize it as cannabis show because its really a lifestyle show. Theres much more appreciation for enjoying cannabis than just rolling a jay. Its an art form its a lifestyle. Get LOUD w Slink Johnson is high-energy high-laughs entertainment with special celebrity guests and cannabis industry leaders. Slink founder of the Smoke Yours crew is deeply passionate about cannabis and he infuses this passion and spirit into every entertaining moment of Get LOUD w Slink Johnson…




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