Get LOUD w Slink Johnson Episode 4.


Smoke Yours Crew founder Slink Johnson is not the ideal house sitter because clearly he plans to raid your stash but when he discovers his friend has nothing but dried-out tumbleweed Slink starts to panic. He responds by sharing Integra Boost two-way humidifiers with all his friends and then hatches a new plan to grow his own cannabis. But first he needs to do a little reconnaissance. In the latest episode of Get LOUD w Slink Johnson the host heads to Perennial Holistic Wellness Center in Los Angeles and hooks up with fellow Smoke Yours member Deloor. Touring the Perennial facility Slink flirts with the female flora Deloor experiences Donkey Vision and together they attempt to lift a sativa-dominant Fancy Pants plant. What is Donkey Vision and why does Deloor have it And do the duo succeed in scoring a young plant to grow their own Watch now and find out…




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