Lifestyle Media for Cross-Cultural Identity

You know when people have a foot in two (or more) worlds? Culturs celebrates cross-cultural identity because everyone should feel like they matter. FEEL CONFIDENT IN YOUR CROSS-CULTURAL IDENTITY. Get lifestyle content that celebrates you.

At Culturs, we know that you want to be confident in your identity, and in order to do that, you need to interact with people who get you. The problem is, others may try to tell you who THEY think you are – which makes you feel invisible.

WE BELIEVE YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO FIT SOMEONE ELSE’S MOLD. Because our editors have lived it too. That’s why our award-winning content has attracted a community of more than one million cross-cultural and intersectional people like you.

For those who straddle culture, race, ethnicity, nation or location, we provide a place to call home. Third Culture Kids, Immigrants, Expats, Refugees, International Adoptees and more…Culturs features culturally fluid like-minded people who have been there. We celebrate the life that’s made you, well, YOU! From people to know, things to do, food to enjoy, music for listening and more, the latest research on crossing culture and the world’s leading experts in their fields, we provide the cross-cultural fix you won’t find anywhere else–and it’s all from that cross-cultural perspective that you know oh-so-well.

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