CULTURS LIFESTYLE MEDIA - Celebrating cross-cultural identity for the "in-between" spaces.


You know that feeling when you have a foot in two (or more) worlds?

At Culturs, we know you want to be confident in your identity. In order to do that, you need to interact with people who get you – the problem is, others may try to tell you who THEY think you are —which makes you feel invisible.

WE BELIEVE YOU SHOUDN’T HAVE TO FIT SOMEONE ELSE’S MOLD. Because our team understands what it feels like to not feel culturally understood. That’s why our award-winning magazine has attracted a community of cross-cultural people like you.

Culturs celebrates cross-cultural identity because everyone should feel like they matter. We use media, products and experiences to enhance human connection and create community for that “third space,” the “in-between” community of people who straddle cutlure, race, ethnicity, nation or location.

So weather a Third Culture Kid, immigrant, multiethnic, mixed-race, military B.R.A.T. or any other in-between community, our goal is to foster a sense of belonging in a world that doesn’t always embrace our presence in the grey space of the “in-between.’

Join our community today for free to get great content with you in mind, and feel the confidence of joining others who understand you and knowing your story matters.

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