Destinations with Doni -- An interview with Michelle Fox


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On this Destination: In this Destination, Doni chats with Michelle Fox, host of the “Healthy Sexy Nutrition” podcast about her career as a professional dancer, getting married, moving to Denver, Colo., U.S.A. and becoming a culinary nutritionist. Fox talks about making traditional meals simple.

“I truly, truly, truly believe that food is medicine,” she says.

Fox also talks about “eating for our body types,” being inspired by Costa Rican food during her trip to the country with Culturs Magazine, her plans to return with a group of women for an upcoming retreat as well as her group coaching programs.

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TCK = Third Culture Kid - someone who spent significant time during their formative years outside of their passport countries due to their parents’ occupation.

TCA = Third Culture Adult - someone who, after the age of 18, spent significant time outside of their home culture.

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