Destinations With Doni -- Kahlea Hunt-Khabir On Colorism and Black Women in Education


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On this Destination: Community.

If you’re a light-skinned black woman, are you treated differently in the United States than if your skin tone were darker?

What if you traveled to, say, South Africa or Brazil?

What if you’re a member of the academic community? Would one institution treat you differently than another?

Kahlea Hunt-Khabir, a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland, a racial equity consultant and one of the co-founders of ForeverWriot, answers these questions on this episode of the Destinations With Doni podcast.

“I look at ways in which people pacify me because I’m a light-skinned black woman who is more subversive and they want to care for me in ways that they don’t want to care for my darker-skinned counterparts and what that means as far as making space for other black women and what responsibilities do lighter-skinned black women … and folks in general have to actually share their privilege.”

Check out Hunt-Khabir’s documentary “Seeking Grace: Black Women Finding Self at the University of Denver” about Grace Mabel Andrews, the first Black woman from Colorado to receive a Bachelor of Arts from DU.

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TCA = Third Culture Adult - someone who, after the age of 18, spent significant time outside of their home culture.

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