A DEI in Paddlesports Panel Discussion with Industry Leaders & Experts


In this episode of Culturs Global Multicultural TV, our host talks with industry leaders and experts about the future of outdoor recreation, the industry response to the question of Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), how brand ambassadorships and paddle teams work, when and how a company can talk about its DEI successes, and more for Culturs Global Multicultural Magazine — Lifestyle media for cross-cultural identity.

We’ve just released two parts of an incredible five-part series on diversifying whitewater paddlesports.

Immersion Research, Liquidlogic Kayaks, and Kokatat representatives have a candid discussion about adventure sports’s most pressing issues throughout this series. You can read more at Cultursmag.com https://www.cultursmag.com/

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“The reformation of whitewater paddle sports series: Part I of V” https://www.cultursmag.com/part-1-whitewater-paddlesports-the-color-of-reformation/ Featured in this article:

Sadat Kawawa — Ugandan Professional Kayaker — Kokatat Global Ambassador.

Rukmini Halliwell — Sr. Advertising Project Manager at one of Canada’s largest advertising agencies.

Patrice M. Palmer, MASJ, FRSA Principal DEI Consultant — eRoot Consulting, LLC.

Jeff Turner — Director of Sales for Kokatat, Inc., A paddlesports gear and apparel manufacturer in Calif., U.S.A.

Max Blackburn — Sales Manager for Immersion Research, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of paddling gear in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

James Edward Mills — A freelance journalist and contributing writer for outdoor-focused print and online publications. He is the author of the new book “The Adventure Gap: Changing the Face of the Outdoors” and the co-writer/co-producer of the documentary film “An American Ascent.”   Shane Benedict — Co-founder of Liquidlogic Kayaks LLC, a manufacturer of performance kayaks with worldwide distribution and headquartered in North Carolina, U.S.A. 

Lily Durkee — Asian-American, former competitive kayaker, co-founder of Diversify Whitewater, Badfish SUP Paddling Team member, and Kokatat National Brand Ambassador.

Jaime Lancaster — Chilean Professional Kayaker — Immersion Research Brand Ambassador — Jaime Lancaster

Antoinette Lee Toscano, MBA Host and Contributing Writer — Culturs Magazine

“Uganda’s role in the reformation of whitewater paddle sports: Part II of V” https://www.cultursmag.com/ugandas-role-in-the-reformation-of-whitewater-paddlesports-part-ii-of-v/ Featured in this article:

Sadat Kawawa — Ugandan Professional Kayaker — Kokatat Global Ambassador.

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