It's a thing: Plastic surgery


Dr Deon Weyers is a renown plastic and reconstructive surgeon, with years of experience, it’s no wonder that he is the go to surgeon to the South African entertainment community!

You’ll be surprised to find out what he wanted to do instead, what he’s working on for the future and if you can change your downstairs - for the bigger.

Catch up with him - @dw_skin_and_body on Instagram.

Danny’s Instagram - @Dannypainter

Opening & Closing title and Edited by: WES - @wesside_photo_video

Music by: Dj Choc - @djchocsa

Danny’s hair is proudly sponsored by KMS South Africa and Erika De Kock.

Danny’s Nails: The Dutchess Nail Boutique - @thedutchessnb

Thanks to:

Dr Deon Weyers - @dw_skin_and_body

Optiphi SA - @optiphi

The Laser Beautique @thelaserbeautique




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