It's a Thing: Joining the circus


Running away to join the circus has always been my back up plan, even though I have no skills for this career path whatsoever. Luckily, there’s a place I can go to to not only learn the skills I need, but to also perform!

Zip Zap circus school was founded out of love, a love story that transcends relationship love into love for all humans - especially those from vulnerable communities!

I got on a Zoom with Roxy Mitchell, the schools marketing manager to talk about this groundbreaking school and the holistic approach they have to caring for the kids in attendance!

Find them here!

Danny’s Instagram - @Dannypainter

Opening & Closing title and Edited by: WES - @wesside_photo_video

Music by: Dj Choc - @djchocsa

Danny’s hair is proudly sponsored by KMS South Africa and Erika De Kock.

Danny’s Nails: The Dutchess Nail Boutique - @thedutchessnb

Thanks to:

Dr Deon Weyers - @dw_skin_and_body

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