It's a Thing: Nostalgia core


What do you get when you mix metal heads and movies?

The (John) Candy!

Confused? So was I but, hang on, it gets more clear the longer you listen! Three guys who love metal and John Candy movies combined their favourite things, put on some masks and wrote some really kick ass fun metal songs!

They are my fellow XOTV creators who create music in a completely novel way, using samples from bands they admire, Couling them with John Candy movie liners, and you have a band thats been called everything form ‘Nostalgia-Core’ to ‘an abysmal waster of cosmic dust’, the latter also being the name of their latest offering!

What are thy really? Who are they really? And can we take this strange metal band seriously?

Danny’s Instagram - @Dannypainter

Opening & Closing title and Edited by: WES - @wesside_photo_video

Music by: Dj Choc - @djchocsa

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